Private Hire

Our pricing model is flexible – you can pay an upfront single fee (covering up to 200 entries) or, for charity events, we can manage ticket sales for you, and promote your event through our social channels (with almost 5000 followers on Facebook alone).

With a wide range of question themes and difficulty levels, plus dozens of different add-on games, we can create an event tailored just for you. These events are a great way of bringing people together and, being online, can be played from anywhere in the world! We’re (obviously) only running events online at the minute, but as soon as the shackles are released, we can come to your venue and host in person – we can even supply you with music (hosted by Carl – a professional DJ with 25 years experience on local & national radio), or one of our photo booths. (Check out www.UltimatePhotobooths.co.uk)

And – for charity events – players can buy extra points. Carl will create competition between the teams and encourage these extra donations. In one recent quiz, a player made a donation of £500, just so his son could have the honour of winning the quiz!!!

Contact Carl now to discuss how we can host an event to remember!

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