How to Play Music Bingo

Music Bingo is a new take on an old favourite – but instead of numbers, we’ve got tunes!

Checkout our event listings for details of future events – and have the chance of winning exclusive prizes, free event tickets – and CASH.

You’ll need 2 devices to play online. One (ideally a laptop/pc/tablet) to join the bingo broadcast and one (maybe a smartphone) to display your game card.

We’ll email with 2 links about 20 minutes before an event starts.

  • On your first device, follow the Zoom link in the email to join the bingo broadcast.
  • On the second device follow the link to musicbingo.vip. Enter your name, game code (from the email), reference (also from the email) and the number of cards you’ve bought – and give us a minute or two to get you registered.
  • If you’re playing with friends/family and have bought more than one bingo card, repeat the second step on a separate device for each player

Tick off the songs on your card as you play – and press the “BINGO” button when you’ve completed one line, two lines or a full house!

Get dancing and have a great time playing Music Bingo from Ultimate Quizzes!

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