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Team that plays together, stays together!

But, engaging and motivating your team is more difficult than ever. The last year has seen an unprecedented change in the way we all work. With your teams working remotely, coming together for a social gathering has been impossible.

More and more businesses are turning to Ultimate Quizzes to host team-building social gatherings. We’ll work with you to design an event that works for your team. With a selection of quiz themes and styles, plus an assortment of add-on games, we can create an event for 4 or 400 people! Individual players can join teams so, as well as scoring points for themselves, they can contribute to the total score for their team, department or region – increasing friendly competition within your organisation!

You can also book an informal “after-show party” hosted by Carl with chat and games to encourage engagement and banter late into the night!

Contact Carl now to discuss how we can help you to engage, reward and motivate your team.

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