About Carl

Hi I'm Carl Greenham the host of Ultimate Quizzes and Gameshows.

I've been hosting quizzes for what seems like an eternity. It all began when I was asked to host a quiz for a pub called The Rock in Weymouth. It was the old fashioned paper based quiz back then, although I used the TV screens around the pub to display visual rounds - it was certainly ahead of its time and proved to be very popular.

However these type of pen and paper quizzes proved to problematic. It took time to score teams answers. You had to decipher what people had written. You had people cheating by using their mobile phones. You also had people complaining that some teams had extra time to work out answers. You had teams spilling pints over their answer sheets. You had loads of wasted paper at the end of the night... The list continues, but I won't bore you!

Long story short, I discovered Speed Quizzing and have never looked back since. It's amazing and suits my style of presenting. It's fast, fun, entertaining and ahead of the game.

There are no pens or paper. Players use their own smartphones and tablets to answer a variety of well-written trivia questions.

The quizzes are fast. They're fun and there's no time for cheating because you only have 10 seconds to answer. The instant scoring is fantastic as it means there's no waiting around for someone to add the scores together.

My new way of quizzing, instantly became very popular around the area. I soon had regular residencies with many pubs and clubs.

However, since the outbreak of Covid19 I have had to adapt my quizzes so I can host online. They now offer a brand new type of playing experience. I have attracted players from all round the globe which is incredible. I'm really enjoying hosting the quizzes from home - the beer is so much cheaper!!!

You don't need to be technical to play, it really is simple. Plus you don't have to be an Einstein to play either because I award points for lots of other silly things! So if you want to have some fun then get involved - even if it's just to laugh at my poor pronunciation of some of the questions!

Hope to see you soon at one of my Ultimate Events.

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